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Jeanette Rourke - Biography  
Following the huge international success of the BAFTA winning best short film, 'Do Not Erase' in which Jeanette magnificently captured the lead role of 'Annie' a Bolton housewife who records a video diary for her son fighting in Iraq, Jeanette continues to work for both stage and screen. The BAFTA win took Jeanette to screenings around the world and encounters with a wonderful global audience who truly did take Annie (and Jeanette) to their hearts.

Jeanette has worked extensively in film, television and theatre. Jeanette continues to do 'all things creative' in on-going arts project, with a london based charity, working with the homeless.
A Lancashire lass born and bred, Jeanette has played a rich range of roles, including a dominatrix, teacher, business executive, doctor, judge, unhinged, and a mum. Jeanette trained in London, Paris and Berlin. Jeanette has a base in both London and Manchester: to find out more or to give her a job (don't be shy) contact her on

TV credits include work for the BBC and T4 and both feature and short film work. See Spotlight link, on the website, for full credits


"Outstanding, powerful, funny, touching and poignant"

"Accomplished and delightful: a real star."

"Jeanette's transformation was astonishing."

"Acting of outstanding quality."

"It will be a long time before I forget the charismatic acting of Jeanette Rourke"

Nominated Best Actress Buxton Festival

Annie (Lead) 'DO NOT ERASE' BAFTA WINNER  Jeanette Rourke "Outstanding, powerful, touching, poignant.