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Jeanette Rourke Showreel 2016 Final from JKH on Vimeo.

Currently working on FLIGHT with Raging Calm Productions with David Tucker ( Eastenders DIrector) and the playwright Che Walker.
Other work this year includes the feature film Forever Tomorrow Director Ben Rider
Hearing Things at the National Theatre. Hackney's Finest on general release. More work with Philp Osment and much, much, more.
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'The Universe is Closing Down' a new play devised and directed by Jeanette Rourke premiered at Omnibus Studio Theatre December 2014

New Showreel  

Cast as the lead in feature film, Kindred Spirit, filming 2015

Screening of And You Are? written wnd directed by Jeanette Rourke at THIS IS ENGLAND Rouen short film Festival, November 9th and the SOFIE awards December 13 2014

THIS IS ENGLAND film festival in ROUEN in November and is nominated ROUEN-‚ÄźNORWICH CLUB SPECIAL PRIZE

Congratulations to Margaret Dane the producer for all her hard work in connection with the film.
Jeanette and Margaret are co-founders of Wayward Women Films

More amazing work with Playing On With Jim Pope and Philip Osment with the theatre project 'Hearing Things' and 'Trap's Of The Mind', great to be back doing such exciting and creative work.  Playing ON
"Hearing Things" fantastic, much applauded performance on June 26 at, The Albany Theatre: scratch performance plus Q&A with Philip Osment and Jim Pope: Playing On Theatre. Also a performed at The Maudsley at there amazing new space the Ortus Centre on Friday, May 30. This work comes out of workshops with psychiatric patients and psychiatrists at the Maudsley Psychiatric hospital and in its original form, we performed it last year at The Lyric Hammersmith and the New Wolsey Ipswich. This is a very alive, part scripted, part improved performance, and very exciting to watch!  See us in this ITV News clip ( July 4th ) about this work                     
The world premier of 'Hackney's Finest' Saturday, June 14th at Hackney Picture House. Screen 4, with its three hundred seat capacity, sold out, for this World Premier.  A great action packed feature about " ordinary decent criminals" a film in which Jeanette plays the full-on Jane, who owns and runs a mini cab office: information at 

On the set of Hackney's Finest

I have been devoting a little more time to writing: recent projects are below. Writing CV at the bottom of the page.
The Roundhouse: May 25 11.30am: Screening of, And You Are? a film written and Directed by Jeanette Rourke was screened as part of the 'Accidental Festival' "This is an abstract short film about my Mums Alzheimer's": the festival ran over three days, with artists theatre and film practitioners from around the world.

June 5 A script in hand Rehearsed Reading of TATTOO! by Jeanette Rourke. Amazing performances by Victoria Latham Kelly and Andrew Merton, without who this event would not have happened. Lots of interesting feed back on the script, which is laid to rest for a while to process, see where to go next!

TATTOO by Jeanette Rourke. TWINS tattooed ALL-over: TWO has FU** tattooed on her forehead and ONE has OFF tattooed on hers. With Geoffrey, the young and eminent psychiatrist, we take a journey via their Tattoo’s, and discover there is more that marks the TWINS, than the ink that scars them.
 "I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humour or disposition". 


TATTOO Written by Jeanette Rourke

2014- Attended the screening of Olive Green at the Empire Leicester Square and also the the screening of Counting Backwards at the Curzon Soho, a couple of very enjoyable events.

On the set of Olive Green

I have also been very busy setting up the 'We Were Born To Shine' project in Clapham, in conjunction with an amazing charity, who work with the homeless, promoting social inclusion in the arts and wellbeing. It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and its great to see it going so well. Our collaboration include work with the Old VIc, Streetwise Opera  the YOUNG VIC as well as amazing local artists, doing clay making and painting. There is also FREE complimentary therapies and lunch as well as knitting and pool/snooker: what's not to like. Every Tuesday 10am-3pm  Its open to all, so if you happen across this and want more information, would like to volunteer,  just drop me an e-mail.


Incredibly busy end to 2013, filming on THREE feature films with three terrific roles. You can see film stills from the movies on IMDB

The Last Superheroes Directed by Simon Connolly playing Val the strong, feisty, loving Superheroes Mum

MLE  Directed by Sarah Warren playing Andreat the neurotic theatrical agent with world domination in mind

Olive Green (Ekstasy Ltd) playing Jessica Owen determined to get her son a woman.

2013 Started with Stage, Jane Psychiatric Team, 'HEARING THINGS' LYRIC THEATER HAMMERSMITH, with Playing ON Theater Company, Jim Pope and Philip Osment

The screening of Prisoners' Wives 2 on BBC1.

More theatre (promenade this time) with Moving Stories at Riverside Studios Hammersmith

Great fun shooting on the music Video JOE GODDARD FEAT MARA CARLYLE SHE BURNS , Passion Pictures, Soandsau Kim Strobl

Further development and another performance of HEARING THINGS at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich ( I just love this work!)

New writing for the Tristan Bates Theatre as the enigmatic Andrews In 'DOGS'

Filming completed on the Sci Fi movie Embrace Eternity based on The Universe of Mass Effects. Watch Jeanette 2012 Showreel here

BAFTA WINNER 'Do Not Erase' Jeanette Rourke "Outstanding, powerful, touching, poignant. Feature Film sequel in pre-production for 2013.

Writing CV
My writing often draws on my own life experiences, from homelessness and sleeping rough, to an acceptance speech at the BAFTA awards, and most things in-between. I work extensively to promote social inclusion in the arts, and in Jan 2014, set up the ‘We Were Born To Shine’ project in Clapham.
An arts and wellbeing project: collaborating with writers, actors, theatres, artists, alterative therapists and mentors: The Wellbeing Day.
I am currently working on ‘The Sound of Yellow’ for the Young Vic Directed by Matthew Xia. This is a community project with workshops at The Wellbeing Day. Working via a collaborative process, including collective creative writing, we are creating the play for performance at the Young Vic July 2014.
I am also currently working with Philip Osment on ‘Hearing Things’, part scripted, part improvised work in collaboration with patients on the wards at The Maudsley psychiatric hospital, see below.
Credits Include:
TATTOO By Jeanette Rourke. Current script in development: a full-length play, given a rehearsed reading in June 2014.
And You Are?  Written and directed by Jeanette Rourke. A short film: screened at The Roundhouse June 2014: screened in USA and Ireland.A Wayward Women Film about the loss of all our memories.
Endell Street Stories Weekly creative writing sessions: in collaboration with residence, in a hostel for the homeless. Published in ‘Homeless Diamonds’ and performed at The Poetry Café to a full house.
Ordinary People A Play written in collaboration with ‘Outside Edge Theatre Company’ and a group of life prisoners in Wormwood Scrubs Prison.
A play about their life’s experiences, performed to the whole prison.
Fifteen Minutes by Jeanette Rourke. A Full-length play: with a weeks run, at the Etcetera Theatre London. “Irreverent and very, very funny”
What is Light School A play about light, written by Jeanette Rourke with ‘Time Step Theatre Company’, (co-founded by Jeanette) for Key Stage Two, and performed in schools.
HEARING THINGS with Philip Osment as part of  ‘Playing On’ with Jim Pope. Workshops on the psychiatric wards of The Maudsley hospital, creating a part scripted, part improvised play: performed at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and the New Wolsey Studio. The Albany Theatre June 2014
Moving Stories Riverside Studios: witnessing and sharing extraordinary stories of, the charity shop worker, the Big Issue seller, the reformed cleric and the artist, to name but a few. Performed and documented.
To Infinity and Beyond A short play about Alzheimer’s, written by Jeanette Rourke: Rehearsed reading.
 Hello Get A Life Sketch Show Sketch show characters, devised and written by Jeanette Rourke. Promotional D.V.D filmed.
Present to Myself Six months, care home residency with ‘Spare Tyre Theatre Company’, in Hackney. A play about the residence and their lives, performed to care home residence and an invited audience.
Acting European Act 2009 London/Paris/Berlin: RADA The International Institute of Performing Arts Paris/Berlin/ The Actors Centre
2010 Forum Theatre Training Cardboard Citizens
Writing: Bernard Kops, Jill Robinson, Paul Thompson(USA)
Nichola Charalambou Director Creative Writes.
Spare Tyre Theatre Company: Six months residency, writing and performing.
Actor/Writer/Facilitator/TrainerI am a qualified professional drugs worker (FDAP) and have worked widely with ‘Forum Theatre’ in performance and written word, to explore addiction and its treatment. I am a dyslexic writer. My acting CV and more information can be found on my website.
The Chelsea Arts Club: Spotlight: Equity: IMDB: The Actors Centre: The So and So Club: Theatre 503 Writers group. Shooting People.

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